Our history

The Romanian Baptist Church of Cleveland, the beacon of Romanian Christian identity in America, has given the crowning glory of its existence and, importantly, has left the birth of faith, the landmarks of faith, and the coordinating traces of fulfillment in society during its 112 years of existence. The Romanian Baptist Church of Cleveland has been and is the place of worship, praise, and glory to God, and the altar of the proclamation of the Word of God that has called and directed the souls of men through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church of Cleveland has been and will remain an active, constructive, and determining link in the various structures of the social fabric and a home of refuge and hope for a bright future for the thousands of sojourners who have come to these shores in the more than a century of its existence.


The Romanian Baptist Church of Cleveland was founded in the spring of 1910 by Rev. Louis Avram Gredys (1910-1914), a Romanian of Jewish descent, according to the monthly newsletter “Letter of Hebrew Christian Evangelization Society of Cleveland” in 1911. The motto of his ministry was “And you may have a new beginning with the Lord Jesus,” inspired by 1 Corinthians 3:11. Pastor Gredys served the Cleveland church until the end of 1914 when he became pastor of the Romanian Baptist Church in Akron, Ohio. He would serve there until 1919 when he took over the pastorate of the Romanian Baptist Church in Detroit.

Louis Avram Gredys (1910 - 1914 )


Beginning in December 1914, the pastorate of our church was taken over by Rev. Michael Farc (1914-1939), whose ministry motto was “Every soul is of value in the sight of God,” as inspired by Romans 10:13. During this period, the Romanian Baptist Church of Cleveland on 57 th Street was built. In 1939, Rev. Farc moved to become pastor of the Romanian Baptist Church of Aurora, Illinois.

Mihai Farc (1914 - 1939)

Rev. Mihai Farc and his family 1926

Romanian Baptist Church in Cleveland. 1922


In that same year, Danila Pascu became the pastor of our church (1939-1975), whose motto for ministry was “If you want, you, too, can be a man of God,” as inspired by Daniel 11:32. In his 36 years of ministry, Pastor Pascu founded the Romanian Radio Hour, spreading the Word of the Gospel for 35 years through the radio station WGAR, 1480 KC. During that time, King Michael I and biblical translator Dumitru Cornilescu were guests of honor in our church. Together with Senator Frank Laushe and Congressman Michael Feighan, Pastor Pascu also succeeded in introducing national immigration legislation that provided that “the integration of families should be a priority.” In 1965, the legislation was approved by Congress and then signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Another important event of this period was the visit of the Messiah Choir with musician George O. Poinar. Finally, Pastor Pascu founded the Cleveland Romanian Garden at Case Western Reserve University.

Dănilă Pascu (1939- 1975)

Choir of the Romanian Baptist Church in Cleveland, 1941

King Mihai I of Romania, visiting the Romanian Baptist Church in Cleveland 1948

King Mihai I signs the Bible on the pulpit of the church. Cleveland. 1948

Romanian-American delegation with President Harry J. Truman, 1952

Dr. Dumitru Cornilescu with his wife in Cleveland. 1965


On April 1, 1975, our church called Petru Floruta as pastor (1975-1985). For his ministry motto, he chose “Only the grace of God is sufficient for you,” inspired by Romans 6:1. In the 10 years of Pastor Floruta’s ministry, the Cleveland church sponsored dozens of families from Romania and refugee camps in Europe. In 1983, the church hosted Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, his wife, and Rev. Liviu Olah. Pastor Floruta maintained an excellent collaboration with the Romanian Christian Committee for the Defense of Religious Liberty (ALRC) and Rev. George Crisan of Washington, DC, in defense of the persecuted brethren in Romania.

Petru Floruţa (1975-1985)

Rev. Petru Floruţa with his family. 1972

New Testament baptism. Rev. Petru Floruţa Cleveland. 1980

New Testament Baptism, Rev. Petru Floruţa. Cleveland 1984


In November 1985, the pastoral ministry of the Cleveland church was taken over by Rev. Ioan Daduica (1985-1991) whose motto “Be faithful only to work entrusted to you by the Lord,” was inspired by Psalm 1:3. During this period, the old church building on 57 th Street was sold. A new building was bought at 3333 Pleasant Valley Rd. in Parma, Ohio. The church continued to provide support to persecuted Christians in Romania. From August 22-24, 1987, the church and the president of the Romanian Baptist Association, Dr. Alexa Popovici, attended the Congress of Free Romanians held in Cleveland, with Romanian diplomat Ion Ratiu as president.

Ioan Dăduică ( 1985-1991)

Young people and children in the church service program. December 1985

New Testament baptism, Rev. Ioan Dăduică. Cleveland 1987

Romanian Baptist Church in Cleveland, May 1988


On November 17, 1991, Rev. Filip Mircea (1991-1996) was installed as church pastor. The motto of his ministry was “Faith gives you wings to fly above troubles; accept it and do not delay,” inspired by Hebrews 11:1. The mobilizing impact and gifting of Pastor Mircea, along with the input of the church, made many young people inside and outside the church decide to follow the Lord Jesus in the water of baptism. Moreover, the missionary spirit was revitalized through the founding of Countryside Mission, the mission of the Church of Cleveland, which, over the years, would significantly impact the missionary work in Romania. In 1993, the church hosted the Romanian dignitaries Ioan Alexandru and Petru Dugulescu and, in 1995, the Romanian linguist Gheorghe Petre Barlea.

Mircea Filip (1991-1996)

The special installation service of Pastor Mircea Filip. Cleveland 1991

New Testament baptism, Rev. Filip Mircea. Cleveland 1992

New Testament baptism with Rev. Filip Mircea, Cleveland July 10, 1994


In 1996, the ministry of the Cleveland church was taken over by Dr. Titus Coltea (1996-1997), whose motto was “The Word of God is the Supreme Law; memorize it,” based on Colossians 3:16. Although he only served for a year, the themes of his sermons such as “The Power of the Word,” and “The Christian Vision,” had a decisive impact on the church’s life. Also, through Dr. Coltea, the church met Dr. Sammy Tippit, an American evangelist of importance for Romania and the Romanians in the Diaspora. Also, in 1996, the church began a radio program entitled Romanian Christian Voice in Cleveland.

Titus Colţea, 1996-1997

Recorded: Preaching Righteousness, Dr. Titus Colţea 1996

New Testament baptism. Dr. Titus Colţea and Dr. Sammy Tippit, Cleveland 1996


In the fall of 1997, the church called Rev. Titus Mihet (1997-2004) as pastor. His ministry motto was “Let us be seen as servants of Jesus Christ, as teachers of the mysteries of God,” in accord with 1 Corinthians 4:1. During his seven years of ministry, Pastor Mihet and the committee reorganized the Church Bylaws, sold the church building at 3333 Pleasant Valley Rd., and purchased the current location at 581 E. Ridgewood Dr in Seven Hills. During this time, the church was blessed with a large youth membership of approximately 60 young people, who, throughout their spiritual growth and formation, were exposed in an organized manner to the church at various programs and events. These events included the Association’s Annual Youth Missionary Conference in Cleveland, sponsorship of the Bucharest Orthodox Seminary Choir, the Romanian Parliamentary and Academic Delegation, the Romanian American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Beauty of a Nation, all of which had an impact in the evangelization and formation of the younger generation.

Titus Miheţ (1997-2004)

New Testament baptism. Rev. Titus Miheţ, Cleveland. 2000

Romanian Baptist Church in Cleveland, Missionary Conference. 2002

The beauty of a nation, the choir of the Church. Rev. Titus Miheţ and conductor T. Chira. 2002

The Romanian Baptist Church of Cleveland, Rev. Titus Miheţ Cleveland 2001

Pastors on the occasion of the celebration from left to right:
Cruceru Marius, Paul Dan, Negruţ Paul, Miheţ Titus, Peshel Sandu Tudor, Clintoc Viorel, Cleveland 2002

The youth of the church together with the pastors T. Miheţ and D. Paul with their wives. 2003

Cleveland Church Choir. In front of the pastors T. Miheţ and D. Paul with their wives. 2003

The church committee together with pastors T. Miheţ and D. Paul 2003


On April 28, 2002, the church ordained as pastor Dan Paul (2002-present). His motto in his 20 years of ministry has been “Keep the faith that was once for all given to the unbelievers,” inspired by Jude 1:3. During this period, the church has been involved in several significant events, including the 2005 International Concert of Praise and Worship in collaboration with Sen. Viorel Duca and the Deputy Dr. Valentin S. Bosneac; the church’s celebration in 2010 of the centenary its founding; and, in 2012, the 100 th Congress meeting of the Romanian Baptist Association of the United States and Canada, during which Pastor Paul was the president of the association.

Dan Paul 2002- Present

Pastors Dan Paul and Titus Miheţ, together with their wives. 2002

Pastor Dan Paul and the church servants. Cleveland 2005

Pastor Dan Paul and the Church Committee, Cleveland 2005

Cleveland Church Choir, conductor Flavius Philip, Cleveland Dec. 2005

Baptism in Cleveland, Pastor Dan Paul, Cleveland 2006

Pastor Dan Paul and his wife on the occasion of the Centenary, 2010

The church choir, on the occasion of the centenary. Conductor Titus Chira 2010

Church Committee, with Pastor Dan Paul, Cleveland 2010

The choir and the ministers of the Church on the occasion of the centenary of 2010

The choir and the ministers of the Church on the occasion of the centenary of 2010

The 100th anniversary of the Romanian Baptist Church in Cleveland. 1910-2010

Pastor Dan Paul with a group of servants at the 2010 Cleveland Anniversary

New Testament baptism, Pastor Dan Paul. Cleveland 2010

Mixed church choir, conductor Dan Moga. Cleveland. 21 Dec 2014

Youth of the Romanian Baptist Church in Cleveland December 21, 2014


On February 27, 2022, our church elected as assistant to Pastor Paul, brother Ioan Veres (2022- present), a young man equipped to guide and talented in the ministry of the Cleveland church.

Ioan Vereș with his family, Cleveland 2022

Petru Cocîrțeu, Cleveland, Ohio, 28 Aprilie 2022

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