How we work


Our men’s ministry focuses strongly on discipling the young men in our church into Godly leaders, husbands, fathers, and future elders of our community. Following the example of Jesus our goal is to express servant leadership in our everyday life, and to emulate the admonishment He gives the disciples in Matthew 20:26:

Whoever would be great among you must be your servant.

We meet regularly for bible study, discourse, prayer, and fellowship as a means to encourage one another to grow as imitators of Christ. In doing so, our mission is to create Godly men who will be a tremendous force for the Gospel in our homes, church, and the world around us

  • Location

    581 E Ridgewood Dr., Seven Hills, OH, 44131

  • Line Phone

    +216 642 3131

  • Mobile Phone

    +216 642 3131